Material Handeling & Palletising

Robot Handling & Palletising

Robots can be used for a wide range of handling tasks, whether this is for handling large cumbersome weights or small fragile objects, robots can be programmed to move and hold components with millimetre accuracy. Robots can be dressed with handling systems like mechanical grabbers, magnets, pneumatic tools for any number of handling tasks.

The Cyber-Weld technical team have a lot of experience in handling solutions, and can come up a system to handle any object over any distance.


End of Line Palletisation

  • Simple cost effective EOL Palletising solutions
  • Vacuum, Mechanical gripper technology
  • Layer sheet addition option
  • Pallet handling option
  • Fast Cycle-Times
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • HMI interface to PLC to cater for various products
  • Pallet dispensers, conveyors
  • Turn-Key EOL offering including interface to existing equipment
  • Engineering capability to utilise all Robot OEM’s product

What Our Clients Say

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Why choose Cyber-Weld?

Supplying welding robot systems to companies all across the world for more than 20 years
We offer excellent integration services
Highly experienced integration team
System simulation
Tailored robot system packages
New and used systems available
Brilliant after sales support
Dedicated training centre

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