About Us

We are welding robot specialists

Since 1998 we have been supplying new and reconditioned welding robot systems to companies all across the world. We have large client base and a very experienced team specialising in all aspects of robot welding and systems.

At the heart of our business is a firm belief in providing brilliant customer service and after sales support.

You are important to us

At Cyber-Weld, every customer is important. Whether a small jobbing shop or a multi-national organisation, our goal is total customer satisfaction through partnership and collaboration. Every automation exercise we undertake is a joint venture built on mutual trust in order to achieve success.

We will support you

Production support is what Cyber-Weld is all about, from the production planning right through to the arc burning, we aim to give total cover, giving the customer exactly what they require. Our success speaks for itself - with over 150 customers worldwide, Cyber-Weld is known for its expertise and quality of service. You can meet the team or view our services page to find out how we can help you.

Our History

Fraser has worked in the robotic welding industry since 1982 beginning his education/career at GEC finally attaining a scholarship to Loughborough University where he studied robotics and Production engineering.

After many years plying his trade in robotic welding including application of ground breaking laser vision systems his pre Cyber-Weld career culminated at FANUC robotics UK as their European Robotics welding engineer. Fraser then setup Cyber-Weld in 1999 to support the sharp-end of manufacturing as this is where it where most of the issues of applying robots lay.

As Cyber-Weld grew Fraser decided to build systems in a cost effective and robust manor often using used robots with warranties to ensure the clients were supported well. Things changed again and Cyber-weld now supplies over 60% of its systems with new robots, but can still “build to a budget” enabling smaller companies to use robotics to keep themselves competitive, cost effective and efficient.


  1. We must continue to educate our young engineers enabling us to support our clients going forward.
  2. Expansion of manufacturing capabilities, which includes in-house CNC machining. 
  3. CMM measuring capabilities. 
  4. Development of dedicated training facilities.
  5. Keep to the philosophy of designing and building all we can in house to keep us efficient and independent.

Our Future

Cyber-Weld has become the chosen partner to a large first tier automotive supplier, we are proud to say we have installed over 60 system to date, and in some small part enabled the supplier to become a real force in the UK automotive market.

Training and Apprenticeships

Cyber-Weld is a big believer in training the next generation of robotic engineers, we actively encourage all of our employees to further their career path lines.

All our apprentices go through training for a minimum of 4yrs to NVQ level 3. They also have the opportunity to study to ONC and above if capable.

Talk to our Experienced Team of Robot System Integrators

“Cyber-Weld are an excellent integrator of our robotic welding plant. We would recommend their services to the manufacturing industry.”


"Cyber-Weld are very supportive of our hinge manufacturing process. They even travelled to China to oversee the transfer of the manufacturing facility."

Colecraft Ltd


Why choose Cyber-Weld?

Supplying welding robot systems to companies all across the world for more than 20 years
We offer excellent integration services
Highly experienced integration team
System simulation
Tailored robot system packages
New and used systems available
Brilliant after sales support
Dedicated training centre
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