Robot Servicing

Robot Servicing Packages

We work with our clients to fulfil their business requirements and over the years have developed a number of service packages. 

All Service contracts are also available with:

  • 1, 3 or 5 Year duration
  • 1 or 2 PPM’s / year
  • Optional Parts Reservation Agreement
  • Optional predictive maintenance pack

Welding Robot System On-site Trouble Shooting and Repair

With any productive system, there are always failures in equipment. Many companies may be able to repair one part of that system. Cyber-Weld are one of the few that can repair and test all of the parts from servos to weld-set, making us a one-stop solution when there is a breakdown.

What Our Clients Say

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Annual Robotic System Overhaul

To help prevent failure, it is recommended that robotic systems are serviced at regular intervals. Cyber-Weld offers a comprehensive package that encompasses every aspect of the system, including full robot-arm service, weld-set service, manipulator testing, and guarding service. This package includes the renewal of any part found to be worn or damaged and cleaning where appropriate of electronic parts.

On-site Training and Staff Retraining

Our employees will not only install the system, but they will endeavor to train any relevant staff fully to ensure safe operation at all times. This is especially important if there are any major modifications to the system.

Why choose Cyber-Weld?

Supplying welding robot systems to companies all across the world for more than 20 years
We offer excellent integration services
Highly experienced integration team
System simulation
Tailored robot system packages
New and used systems available
Brilliant after sales support
Dedicated training centre

Talk to our Experienced Team of Robot System Integrators

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