MIG & TIG Welding

A system 150, MIG welding, complete with work-holdingNew Paragraph
MIG welding, frame assembly

Robot Welding

Welding is a common process in the manufacturing industry. Robots are well suited to welding applications .They can withstand high temperatures and provide constant, consistent, high quality welds with a excellent repeatability. Plus they aren’t susceptible to health complications such as arc eye and welding burns.

Robots can be dressed out to perform a multitude of welding applications including MAG, TIG, Spot, Laser, Plasma and many more.

Cyber-Weld specialises in creating turn key solutions for many complex and versatile welding applications. Whether you just need a stand alone welding robot for a simple weld or an entire custom welding process for high volume components with multiple intricate welds, our highly trained and experienced technical team can provide your company with a system to suit your needs.New Paragraph

At Cyber-Weld we can offer:

  1. MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma and brazing
  2. Turn-Key solutions from small System 100 manual cells to large rollover twin manipulator systems
  3. Kemppi, Lincoln, Miller, Fronius Power sources all fully supported
  4. Binzel, Tregaskiss torches supplied 
  5. Full system / robot training and tailored to suit customer

MIG Welding

Why choose Cyber-Weld?

Supplying welding robot systems to companies all across the world for more than 20 years
We offer excellent integration services
Highly experienced integration team
System simulation
Tailored robot system packages
New and used systems available
Brilliant after sales support
Dedicated training centre
“Cyber-Weld are an excellent integrator of our robotic welding plant. We would recommend their services to the manufacturing industry.”


"Cyber-Weld are very supportive of our hinge manufacturing process. They even travelled to China to oversee the transfer of the manufacturing facility."

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